Let’s dive into the experiences and encounters an escort has been through. I will be writing these experiences from the perspective of the escort:

Escort 1:

I got called up by a guy who was very shy on the phone. When I first entered his door, I noticed many photos on his wall. He was married with two kids. It was his first time with a sex worker he told me. I was nervous, turns out so was he. We started chatting as we took a shower together, weirdly he started talking about his kids and how they were away at camp, I had no idea where his wife was, but we were alone in the house. After showering, we moved onto his bed. It was very pretty. I stripped for him and asked him to do the same for me. He wasn’t very well endowed, but he knew what he was doing. After the act, we were very sweaty and sticky. We both liked it and talked for a while.

He told me he wanted this to be a regular thing and that he would pay me weekly. Which meant I wasn’t going to be paid now. I insisted that he’d pay me then and there, but he refused saying he does not have that much money at home. I had to leave as I was getting late for another appointment. I never did hear from him since.

Escort 2:

Can you believe that I am a virgin escort? Yes. Through my agency, I was the pick of the pack since having sex or fooling around with a virgin is a common fetish among men. I was nervous because I was afraid since I had literally no experience. I got assigned to a wealthy client. He invited me to an event and asked me to pretend to be his girlfriend, got a couple of drinks, ate a lovely meal and actually had a lot of fun.

We went back to the hotel room, and he wanted me to dance, so I did. He then took off his clothes and wanted me to give him oral sex when I told him that I was a virgin he got really excited and climaxed before we could get to do anything else. I offered to pleasure him again, he denied and said he wanted to talk instead. We stayed up talking all night, naked. He ended up paying me $1000 — all in all a very decent client and experience.

Escort 3:

I am a straight male with an athletic body and decent height and genital girth. Since I was out of cash, I decided to join an escort agency. They said I should be okay with having relations with males and females. I agreed. My first client was a 20-year-old boy. I was 24 myself. We met in a cheap motel room. He told me he was indeed very excited about being with a boy for the first time. We actually talked for sometime before we did anything. I told him I was straight and that I was doing this to pay some bills. He revealed to me that he was still in the closet and that he wanted to figure whether he was gay or bisexual. He also told me that he was paying me with his birthday money since he was still in school and had only a part-time job. He started by taking off my clothes and grabbing my penis.

He got rid of his clothes very swiftly, got on the bed and asked me to start stroking his penis. He was well endowed. It was my first time touching another guys’ penis. I sort of seemed to like it. I ended up giving him a blowjob to try and see how it feels. He seemed to love it. He later asked me to penetrate him, and I did. I ended up liking it a lot. I told him that I enjoyed myself and that he was very well behaved and gentle. He thanked me for a lovely evening, gave me $500 and left. I never heard from him again as much as I wanted to.

These have been a couple of descriptive experiences of escorts and what they go through when they deal with clients.