A couple of escorts who have been in the industry for quite some time have come out and given an interview and have revealed what kind of weird and ghastly demands some clients have had. You might be surprised by how twisted and messed up some people can be. I have written down some of these stories as told by the escorts, both male and female escorts were interviewed for diversity.

  1. I am a bisexual male escort, I have had some unusual experiences in my ten years of being in this industry, but I would chalk this one up to be the weirdest. I used to meet a client that was into something known as ball busting. He would walk into the room, talk very little, stand there buck naked, and ask that I kick him repeatedly in the genitals with my shoes on. I was asked that I remain fully dressed.
  2. I am a straight female escort, and I have been an escort for almost five years now. I used to meet a regular client who after having sex liked to be tickled uncontrollably. After which he would tickle me. I was asked to be nude at all times.
  3. I am a 25-year-old male escort who is straight, but I do engage in sexual relations with men as well for work, and have had not many unusual experiences, most girls want the romantic boyfriend experience, and the guys want handjobs, blowjobs and some of them want sex a couple of times. I have had only one very bizarre experience which I still think about from time to time. One day I was called up by a friend of mine who also happens to be an escort. He said he had booked us a client and that he had some odd requests. So an hour later we met up at a nearby hotel and went to the room, we went in to find a man in his 30s tied to a bed. We read the note on the table which instructed us about what we needed to do. We both had an erection just reading the note. We gathered the man had been there for quite some time, and we weren’t his first escorts of the day. We confirmed that looking at the semen dripping from his butt. We both penetrated him simultaneously and had sex with him while kissing each other until both of had ejaculated inside him. Just like we were instructed on the note. After we were done he told us where the money was, we took it and left. While leaving two other guys glared at us as we were walking down the hall, both of whom were walking into the same room.

  1. A guy who was around 24-25 once asked me to just lay on the bed while he caressed my right arm. He later removed his pants to reveal a decently sized penis. I thought this was when he would ask for sex, but nope, he just rubbed his penis up and down on my thigh for a couple of minutes while I did nothing, he climaxed in 5 minutes. I was asked to leave after I cleaned up. One word. Weird.
  2. I have been an escort for four years, and this is the worst experience ever. I once had a client who wanted me to poke his penis with thumbtacks. He didn’t care about the pain. He seemed to enjoy it. Gross right?

These are a couple of the strangest requests, escorts have received from creepy and grotesque clients. Many escorts quit after such experiences and have never even considered getting back into the industry.