Live Music and Open Mic Nights at Mac’s at 19 Broadway


Whether you're in the mood for live jazz or are just looking for a place to grab a drink and listen to some smooth piano tunes, Mac's at 19 Broadway has it all. The bar has open mic nights and a cozy patio for catching a live act. The vibe is friendly and casual, so it's perfect for just about everyone.

Jazz combos

Located in a former ice cream parlor, Mac's at 19 Broadway features classic cocktails and Prohibition-style concoctions. The bar offers a wide selection of craft beer and wine to complement the fun atmosphere. Live jazz, rock and blues performances are performed regularly. The bar is also home to a Steinway piano and is perfect for listening to live music.

Before the 2007 earthquake, Mac's at Nineteen Broadway served as the epicenter of the local music scene, with local rock bands playing almost every night. While the neighborhood's population grew, local rock bands continued to play here. Even after the earthquake, the bar was popular with locals and rock lovers alike. As the town grew and became more family-friendly, Mac's struggled to retain its throng of rock fans.

The opening of the new club is a welcome development for the jazz community in Fairfax. While a lot of people were concerned about the impact of the new venue on the local music scene, it was ultimately a welcome addition for musicians who play piano, jazz combos, and standards. Lady D, a famous jazz vocalist, was the first artist to perform at the new club. Her performance was accompanied by a guitar and bass duo. She was greeted by fans wearing feather boas and flapper dresses.

Mac's Big Band, led by Dave Malino, has been playing together for fifteen years and performs jazz, swing, and classic rock. It can play five-hour sets without a break. The band has performed with Tony Bennett, Tina Turner, and Queen Latifah. They even played at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton.


Long-running bar with live music and open-mike nights. This relaxed venue offers a great atmosphere and patio seating. The singers and performers can bring a livelier vibe to any night out. While not a big name, this jazz bar features an eclectic mix of artists from around the world.

Despite being a neighborhood bar, Singers at Mac's at 19 Broadway is a destination for music lovers. Almost every night, there is live music, including a weekly Blues jam. It's a cozy spot perfect for a night out with friends.

Before the 2010 earthquake, Mac's at 19 Broadway was one of the city's rock venues. Local rock bands and San Francisco aristocrats frequented the bar for its live performances. Although more family-friendly establishments have opened up in Fairfax since then, Singers at Mac's remains a popular neighborhood haunt.

The intimate setting and the high-quality bar service make Singers at Mac's at 19 Broadway a popular spot for live music. The venue features a stage covered in red velvet, and hosts live performances nearly every night. The bar's cocktail menu is an impressive one, with plenty of prohibition-style cocktails and carefully curated craft beer selection. It also hosts a full lineup of local artists and DJs.

Music lovers will also enjoy live entertainment and open-mike nights. The cozy atmosphere is great for listening to local artists. The atmosphere is laid-back, and the owner has a great sense of humor.

Piano players

If you love the sound of piano, you'll love the evenings at Mac's at 19 Broadway, a long-running bar on Broadway in Fairfax. The bar features a variety of live music, a patio, and a relaxed atmosphere that's perfect for catching up with friends. Whether you're a fan of jazz, classical, or blues, there's a piano player at Mac's that's sure to make your night.

Mac's at 19 Broadway is known for its live music Fairfax and open mic nights. You can catch a live band or a solo pianist just about any night of the week at this speakeasy-style lounge. Piano and guitar sounds are popular here, and a great selection of craft beer and wine are available to sip.

The bar used to be a hotbed for the rock scene in Fairfax. There was live music here every night, but the bar was losing its rock crowd as the area became gentrified. Luckily, the owners decided to give it a second chance and bring back the live music.

Mac's at 19 Broadway is a local favorite, with live music almost every night. It was once the epicenter of the rock scene in Fairfax, with performances by local rock bands and San Francisco aristocrats. Local musicians perform classics and new riffs. The restaurant has a full bar and a patio for patrons to relax in.

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